Caveat Lector (midnightbanshee) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Caveat Lector

Bluebird's Illusion English guide released!

After a whole week of playing and replaying this game for a zillion times, the first Bluebird's Illusion English guide has been released! Yes, I know I'm 3 days late from the deadline, but I had some extra things I decided to add, and I had to recheck the translations for accuracy, which made the process take longer than I had anticipated.

It contains not only cheats, but also long "summaries", transcripts, mulitmedia and a complete CG illustration collection. [The CG illustrations and mulitmedia are friends-locked.]

NOTE: none of the information provided here may be reproduced without my permission. Do NOT claim or imply the translations as your own, or I will sic Gluttony on to you. I spent a whole week in my room doing this when I could've been working on my own fanfictions and CGs. Please respect that.

*crawls back into hole*
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