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Fanfiction! Loosely based on the fangame "Bluebird's Illusion".

Rating: G. I'm boring.

Plot: NONE! No, really. It has plot. I swear. Envy has fun. That's basically it.

“Ooi! Hagane no o-chibi-san!”

Dull gold eyes met his, making the hairs on the back of his neck stick up a little.

“Ha..ga..ne….? O..chibi…san? Who…is that….?”

Envy was slightly taken aback at the lack of reaction to his words. He slapped palm to his forehead, as if that would help him remember that the “person” standing in front of him was no longer the volatile FullMetal Alchemist, but rather his brother, a homunculi, not ‘Edward Elric’ any longer, having the title of ‘Pride’ recently bestowed upon him.

He almost choked at the thought of him, this…creature as his brother. Father had always liked the little human boy more than him, so what about him suddenly becoming homunculi was going to change that? He found it hypocritical to call his new found sibling such a harsh name when he himself was much less human than the living doll that stood before him.

Whatever he tried to do to get himself think of the figure before him as ‘Pride’ and not ‘FullMetal’ didn’t work. The body was still the same, perhaps slightly taller now for whatever reason. His pale smooth skin was now marred with swirling patterns of red, much like blood; his shoulder adorned with the unholy tattoo that all homunculus bore as their brand, their identifying mark, setting them apart from mere humans. His hair was still an off-shade of gold that once matched the intensity of similar colored eyes.

Looking at those eyes was enough to remind him that the boy was no longer human; they were cold, distant, soulless, almost peaceful, staring far off into the distance, and seemed to pierce through you with an inhuman gaze. Which for the most part was true. Envy drove that point home in his brain.

“He is no longer ‘human.’ No longer ‘human!’”

If the brat was no longer human, than what, he mused, did he envy him for? After all, such was his nature, and the feeling filling him was most likely that of his namesake, which also came hand in hand with hatred.

He was jealous of a goddamned doll that didn’t even know his own name yet. Every time he set eyes on the loathsome figure, he had to remind himself that this mockery of life hadn’t retained even the slightest idea of identity.

Envy paused. If the FullMetal boy, now homunculi, Pride, had no idea who he was… Envy always had enjoyed fucking with FullMetal’s mind, and now presented the best opportunity he was ever going to get. The first thing that he was going to have to do was get some of those goddamned red stones.

Oho, he was going to have fun with this. He would get some clothes made, cover up the boys tattooed body, which wouldn’t be that difficult to justify, as the original version of the person in that body was always overdressed to the point of awkwardness.

The difficult part would be conditioning the boy so that he believed with all of his heart and soul that he was indeed the FullMetal Alchemist, that he was Edward Elric. After all, Envy had never been one do these kind of things and have them end up half-assed in the end. He was going to see this through, once and for all.

But again with those goddamned stones. Hoenheim was sure to have some of the shiny red things around somewhere, the trick was going to be locating them, and then getting away with them. He had controlled others with those precious stones, hell, he himself was controlled by them. It was unfortunate, but there was just no way of getting around it. Greed had sought for eternal life, and look where he ended up. No, Envy had no intentions of dying, not just yet.

And seeing how he wasn’t going anywhere soon, he had to make his own amusement. Spending centuries just being wasn’t that exciting, and he had gotten quite bored. Hopefully his new project would keep him occupied for longer than his other little ‘campaigns’ in the past. In fact, he was planning on it.

It has somewhat of a plot! ZOMG! ...comment?

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