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Drabble Post!!

^__^ I'm back with the drabbles that were requested of me a few days ago. I have to say, they were pretty fun to write. I have to say that I had the most fun with the Hughes x Gracia one (it's my favorite actually ^__^;;) But it was the hardest to write. (I don't know why exactly, but I think it's 'cause I'm so used to writing yaoi. O_o;;) Gracia's such a sweetheart. ^__^ Anyway, here are the drabbles.

Title: Stay
Pairing: Hughes x Roy
Words: 168
For: theomeny

He smiled as he felt the warms hands tracing circles on his bare chest. He looked foward to this, the warmth. It was far and few anymore, as they didn’t have many oppurtunities to see each other. He was working, and he had his family to take care of, but even so....

“Maes?” He looked up at his lover....well, more like the one he loved. The ‘lover’ part had left a long time ago. The other looked back. “What is it Roy?”

He waited for the other man’s response. He seemed to be thinking throughly about what it was that he was going to say. Whatever they said to each other these days had to be careful, because the words they said could create a domino effect that broke the fragile glass between them.

“....Will you stay by my side?” A long held gaze, as warm lips brushed against the other’s. Trails of sparks flashed through each other’s eyes. A easily answered question.

“Yes, I will.”

Pairing: Ed x Al, one-sided
Words: 228
For: meteorspark

I’ve never had a choice when it comes to him. He’s my ultimate downfall, and my weakness.

When he comes to me with that look in his eyes, smiling at me and telling me that he loves me, it makes me feel so sick inside. How can I deny him what he wants? I couldn’t, because I know the pain of his broken heart would be too much for him (or me) to deal with.

His eyes are so beautiful, so innocent and pure. But inside of them he has the most persuasive look ever. He doesn’t realize it, most people don’t, but I can see it there. And it pulls me in, leaving me unable to escape.

I’m not lying when I tell him I love him. I do, but it’s not in the way that he hopes or thinks. I wish that it could be, because then everything would be so much easier. But it’s not, and there’s nothing I can do to change that.

So I will sit in my lonely solitude, dark inside, and I’ll hold him. He’ll smile at me, and kiss me, a blush lightly flowing over his cheeks, and I will smile and kiss him back, and he will never see the sadness that ‘s inside my eyes.

I promised I would protect him. And that promise is never going to change.

Title: Want
Pairing: Scar x Lust
Words: 180
For: amikitty

She loved him.

Was love the correct word? She didn't know if it was possible for her. But she believed, that if what she felt was love, there was nothing else that could replace him in her heart.

For awhile, she was dedicated to watching him. She knew he would never love her. Would his morals even allow it? And so she was content with watching.

After a while though, something more took over her. She longed to be held in his arms, and to feel his lips on hers. He had taken over her.

So, the night he pulled her into the alleyway, she had no second thoughts. She was too busy trying to get her heart to stop racing from his mere touch.

And then he kissed her.

Her eyes widened, and she was too shocked to respond.

When he pulled away, an unspoken message flew between their eyes. He left, and she followed.

The next night, he was there, waiting for her. She went to him, and this time, she didn't forget to kiss back.

Title: Dreams
Pairing: Hughes x Roy
Words: 170
For: envylicious

Sometimes he would dream.

And when he dreamed, it was always about him.

The dreams about the past. They were the dreams where he woke up wanting to smile, but all he could really do was cry.

He was always there for him. He stayed by his side, promised to help him make it to the top….

He’d thought about that after his death. Farman told him he’d tried to call, which made him feel more guilty.

Even in his dying moments, he’d tried to push him to the top.

He hated himself for not being there. He might’ve been able to help, in some way. At the least, he wanted to tell him he was sorry, and more than that….that he loved him.

He wished he could’ve provided him with some comfort.

But he never had that chance.

The dreams always hurt, but still…. he needed to have them. They let him hold on to the man he loved.

And he knew he couldn’t let go.

Title: Perfect Man
Pairing: Hughes x Gracia
Words: 188
For: onehitwnderbard

Maes Hughes loved his family. Anyone who knew him could tell you that, what with him flashing pictures of them all the time. But no one knew how much he really loved them, except for Alicia and Gracia themselves.

Gracia loved her husband. She loved his smile, and his lime-green eyes. Most of all, she loved how he could make her laugh. He brought light into her life.

She loved his attitude too. He was so sweet. Like how every time they got in a fight (which wasn’t very often, mind you) he would always apologize to her first. And he cared more about his daughter than any other father’s she knew. In her eyes, he was the perfect man.

She was drawn from her thoughts as she felt a pair of warm arms slip around her waist, and her husband’s lips by her ear. “Hi honey.” She smiled. “Hello Maes.” She turned around, setting one arm around his neck, and with her other hand, removed his glasses. Then she smiled at him again, before leaning forward and kissing him.

Oh yes, Maes was her perfect man.

That's all. ^__^;; Thanks to all who requested, I may do this again at some point, so if you want to request, I'll be availible! <3
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