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[sketch] Envy for wiccat

I'm sorry I haven't been contributing much lately. School, and all those other related excuses. However, I finished SasuSasu so I can work on the meme-sketches again. Hagaren related sketches, anyway, there's Envy...and Envy...and Envy for wiccat. (I actually broke my own rules, and sketched a over the time limit, but tinychibienvy is too fun to draw.

Image hosted by

Envy (x3) for wiccat.

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[EDIT] I've decided on when I'll close the meme. It's still open now, so if you'd like, you can still request (and it doesn't have to be from FMA either.) I'm closing the sketch meme after it has reached 25 requests (it's at 19 right now), or if I beat you to the finish (if I finish all the sketches requested before any more have been requested.) Anyway, the meme is HERE if you're interested.
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