abalorn (abalorn) wrote in fm_alchemist,

mmm animecon

So this last weekend was our happy local animecon Otafest, it was awsome, no FMA episodes being shown this year, maybe next but i do want to say that a FMA AMV won first place, someone did I'm to Sexy by right said fred, i promise everyone to try and get a copy of it and someplace to host it. Random things bought, 2 FMA wall scrolls and a cd/dvd of all the opening and closings, and while watching them i dont remeber seeing some of the things in there, so i was just wondering firstly if any one knew if there were ever any form of 'extended' opening/closing.

And secondly how to rip from said DVD or create stills to throw together a few desktop wall papers since they have no credit text throughout any of them, and lastly how to rip a small section out of something out of a section of an mpeg and turn it into a animated jpeg for an Icon.
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