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Wordless (omg, I wrote something >_< )

I started to read some fics and drabbles and then I looked at my EdxWin sketches and........
(Omg, I can't believe I'm doing this XDD)

Well, I wrote something >_<

Please don't be mean with it T_T... My english isn't as good as I would want it to be (I speak spanish =X), so there will be TONS of mistakes... But please read it and try to get the idea ^^;; It will look better as a Doujinshi when I have the time, I swear >_< !!!!

*hides for ever*


Wordless Rain

- Ok, that's it...

Winry stood up and started to gather her tools and put them on her bag.
Edward was still sitting on the sofa, his hand up, looking at the work Winry just performed in his automail.

- I guess you won't need another check up for a while... PLEASE don't break it again!

Winry was looking at him a litle bit annoyed. Normally that face woul have make Edward apologize or start discussing... but today, he just looked down and smiled.

- I'll try...

His ponytail was gently falling down over his shoulder. His real arm was wrapped with bandages and he had a band aid on his cheek. Winry felt sad. She closed her bag and went to sit next to him. He looked at her surprised. She put her hands on her knees and looked down.

- Say Ed... Why do you always have to be the strong guy? I mean... why do you have to fight over and over and risk yourself that much?

Edward turned his head and looked up to the ceiling.

- You know why, I've told you many times... Why do you always have to ask the same question, by the way?

- Because I'm worried about you, stupid!

- You don't have to, I'm strong enough! Nothing will happen to me!

Winry's hands were grasping her dress on her knees...

- Have you ever... When you go and fight and everything, have you ever thought about us? About the people who loves you and awaits for you? Even if you say that you have no home to return to and that there's no way back, you have a family and you have friends that care about you! They would be very sad if something happens to you...

Her fierce eyes were shining with tears. Edward didn't know what to say, sohe remained silent for a while, looking to those blue blurry eyes. Then Winry looked down again.

- I'd be very sad if something happens to you - she said softly-. I don't want to lose you, you fool... I've always tried to be there for you, but you never come to me when something happens... sometimes I feel I'm no help for you other than for your automail...

A tear fell down to Edward's leg. He reached it with his metal hand, trying to feel something. Was it really like that? He didn't want to give an extra burden to the other people, so he went on keeping his problems and his thoughts to himself... that's why he never called for her or for anyone... he didn't need their help, he didn't want anyone to be involved. So... what now? He had this crying girl next to him, tring to get involved... why?

- It's not like that... I... I don't want yo to get hurt, that's all...

- And what about you? It's ok if you get hurt?

- That's not what I mean...

Winry's hand reached his metallic hand and grabbed it. Her right hand grabbed his real shoulder.

- Promise me...

She looked up to his face, tears in her eyes, supplicant.

- Promise me you'll be ok, that you won't go, that you'll come back safe...

He had seen her cry so many times, since they were kids. He always thought that crying was stupid. He remembered how many times Winry started crying because of him and he did nothing but stay away. Run away from the tears. The truth was that he was scared about her tears. Scared about not being able to stop them, scared of getting involved, scaring of starting to cry himself.

Now he couldn't escape from her tears. He couldn't even escape from her eyes.

- Promise me!

They were so close. He started to get nervous, his face started to blush. That was stupid... she was Winry...

- I promise...

She smiled. He smiled.

He was there, he wasn't running away. He was there, his heart was there, beating, alive. He felt like he was going to start crying, but that would have been stupid. He felt safe, loved, calm. He closed his eyes, but then he suddenly opened them again when he felt her hand touching his face. What was that? Why she...?

Her gentle and smiling eyes were looking at him. Wordless. Then he knew how stupid he was. Stupid for not counting on her, for not letting her to get involved, for not letting her to care about him, for not letting himself to be loved.

Then he noticed how close they actually were. He could felt her breathing in his face. She was so close that his nose could almost touch hers. The feeling of her gentle hand in his face, her right hand grabbing strongly his shoulder... Her eyes were crying again, but she was smiling. He realized that he didn't want that moment to end.

Her eyes widened a bit. She had noticed how close they were and blushed. What was she doing? She froze. Actually, both of them were frozen. They couldn't move. They had said too much without speaking. They were there, close, closer, and they were afraid of it because they couldn't understand it and at the same time they couldn't escape from it.

- I...

A soft and nervous word broke the silence, but it was faded away for her lips trying to reach his.

The sound of the door suddenly opening interrupted their incoming kiss.

- Brother....!

Alphonse entered the room and saw the two of them, sitting together on the sofa, looking at him in surprise, their face blushing violently.

- Eto....

They looked at eachother nervous, surprised of what were they doing. Then, trying to not be so obvious, they started to laugh and chat happily trying to change the subject, in front of a wandering Alphonse standing i front of the door.

- Ok! I hope you to call me when you need a repairment or something!

Winry had quickly stood up and grabbed her tool bag, ready to get out.

- I'll call you if my arm breaks again!

- Well then... uhm, bye!!!

Alphonse looked at Winry going out quickly and then looked at his brother, who looked quite nervous.

- Brother...? What were you and...

- Nothing!! She was just worried about my wounds that's all! Haha!!

She ran quickly out of the building, still shaking a bit. Then she slowed her pace and finally stopped.
She remembered what happened and she blushed.

It started to rain, like if the sky were crying.
But she didn't run away to cover herself. Instead, she stood there, opened her arms and smiled to the sky's tears.

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