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Shar - Queen of the Blonde & Blue-eyed

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
and include the following things:
teddy bear, money, wrench

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you

*note* No I haven't seen the whole series, but I know what happens. This fic drabble was for fun ^.^

Ed laid on the gurney of the hospital wing, wrapped in a soft blanket,
recovering from the pain of a new limb being connected to his nerves. Though it
had been many years and had the procedure a few times in the past to fix or be
replaced, the shock-pain remained the same.
As much as he tried to bite back the agony, Winry knew he held it inside. She sat next to him watching his breath intake relax with each cycle.
“Ed…” began Winry as she set her wrench back on the table.
He opened his weary eyes and looked up at her. “What is it?”
“I want you to come home.”
Edward smiled wanly. “I know you do, and I will.”
She didn’t meet his golden eyes, deliberately turning from him. “I don’t mean after this mission is over. I mean now… before anything else happens to you.”
“I’ve had much worse happen before, and it was intentional. Besides, I can always count on you to repair me.”
“I can’t repair flesh! I’m a mechanic, not a doctor. Someday you could get so injured that it’ll be too late to save you. I can fix a metal arm and leg, but I can't fix anything vital to you… Come home, please…I don’t want to risk loosing you.”
Ed looked at his hands grasping the sheets, in slight irritation. “I can’t go home in the middle of a mission, Winry. I’m too involved now.”
“Can’t you consider your own well-being for once? Are you just going to let the military run your life? They’ll be the ones to drive you to an early grave.”
“It was my choice to join in the first place. I knew the risks that went along with it, so I’m taking full responsibility for this,” Ed said defensively.
“You joined to find information and have connections about the Philosophers’ Stone so you could change Al back. Those days are gone; you’ve repented of the past, its time to move on. Why are you still holding onto the military?”
“I’ve been recording my discoveries of the stone, along with other alchemic findings Al and I encountered. I’m now checking on other Alchemists that live in the country for the state. When there’s a big emergency I’m called to fight.”
“For how long, Edward?” Her voice began to waver. “You could document at home and check on these Alchemists for your own choice, but why FOR the military? Do you plan on doing this forever? What do you want to do the rest of your life?”
Edward paused in thought. After his mother died all he wanted was her back. He tried and failed and lost Al in the chasm. Then all he wanted was his brother back and his limbs. He got it all back, and now he wanted to record his
adventures and discoveries… but what after that?
He glanced at Winry’s downcast face; she was fighting her tears, fighting the urge to strangle sense into him.
“What am I to you?” Winry interrupted his thoughts, her voice choking, “am I only your mechanic? A girl who waits day after day for you to come and you only return when you’re hurt?”
“No!” he disagreed with more force than he intended. “That’s not true,” he softened. Ed looked at Winry again. Her hair covered her face from his view as she gazed at the floor. He caught the hint that she didn’t believe he spoke truth.
His mind wandered back to what they had been discussing. No, he didn’t want to be a dog of the military forever. He stayed in it for so long for its perks and insight. But then, he was so young… only seventeen years old he’d matured with the military, missing the things in life that really mattered. He grew up too fast; loosing his innocence and longing for a home and people to love him, not just accept him as a part of society.
The more he thought about it, the more he felt empty. Could he live peacefully? The military kept him busy and aware and gave him power and money to survive. Could he settle down with Winry and be an Alchemist in the countryside, minding his own business and not being tied down by anything? An ex-prodigy of the state living like Marco doing research… It had a pleasant ring to it.
Winry finally met his eyes, her own blue eyes glistening with tears. Ed had been silent for so long, she had given into her crying.
“I can’t quit half way, I have to see this adventure through.” Ed sat up so he could see Winry more comfortably. “Once this mission is through, I’ll resign from being a State Alchemist and I’ll come home with you and Al and resume my studies of Alchemy and documenting.” He reached over with his left hand and laid it on top of her hand, “This is a promise, I will come home from this cause I know you’ll be waiting. And you’re not only my mechanic, you’re my love, who I hope will forgive me for being so blind.”
“But that’s what I love about you, you idiot.” Winry moved from her seat and through her arms around him like he were a teddy bear.
Ed held her back as tightly as he could with his only real arm.
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