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24 May 2005 @ 01:01 pm
[doodle post] FINALLY. Non-worksafe stuff.  
I say it like I've been having withdrawals.

Non-worksafe Kimberly/Al pic

...ultra sex.

And, a pic to follow the Kimberly half of the pic yesterday. Suggestive (R-15).

Drawn for the calm_bomber comm icon.

Working on Kimberly/Al doujin layout. Paneling SUCKS.
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: "Faggot"--Mindless Self Indulgence
Aly: only tiny secretsmother on May 23rd, 2005 09:13 pm (UTC)
why is this pairing hott? :o only you can make it hott.
腹蛇: Nishishiyoukofujima on May 23rd, 2005 09:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you X33 The pairing is hot because it makes some sense, but also NONE.
Alymother on May 23rd, 2005 10:07 pm (UTC)
true! it's much hotter now that al = flesh and blood
腹蛇: Yo! *happy*youkofujima on May 23rd, 2005 10:11 pm (UTC)
Kimberly groping Al's leg=TWU WUV.
(Deleted comment)
腹蛇: Hee *grin*youkofujima on May 23rd, 2005 09:35 pm (UTC)
I take it you like it? X3 *hopeful*
Luel Exanaluel_exana on May 23rd, 2005 09:37 pm (UTC)
>_> *COUGH* Yes, hot. <3
*loves your Alphonse*
And your lineart is so clean!
.........why does that last comment feel so out of place...
腹蛇: Hee *grin*youkofujima on May 23rd, 2005 09:57 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much X333 Kimberly/Al=crack OTP XD

Don't worry, my pic is out of place XD;
sariaust on May 24th, 2005 04:00 am (UTC)
Crack souldn't be allowed to be so hot. < 3
腹蛇: Nishishiyoukofujima on May 29th, 2005 09:52 pm (UTC)
But that's the whole POINT of crack XD ♥
lalag: buttercream150lalag on May 24th, 2005 03:15 pm (UTC)
You have to know something...I never read your warning 'Non-worksafe' ha! When I log in your pages and see this warning...I always think...Why you always tell?

You are the most Dangerous Artist!!! You do need not to Tell! XD

Sooooo~~~ Mr.SCar....Mr.Scar with Al.... you love Kimberly so much lately. I miss Mr.scar...please?
腹蛇: Nishishiyoukofujima on May 29th, 2005 10:06 pm (UTC)
*laughs like mad* XDDDDDDD You never read them? NEVER? XD; I think you should sometimes... XDDDDDDD I tell so that people wandering in don't kill me XD;

XD Yes, I am the most Dangerous Artist, YAY XDDD I think just my pics alone should show XD

Oh, I should draw Scar-san again soon... X333