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Gun no Mame progress and Picture fun ^^

Just thought I'd share the Gun no Mame!Edo plushie progress and a little camera fun XD

First up are the parts I've finished so far for the Mame: Overshirt, Close up of the clasp, Undershirt, Pants, Body, & The sole of the boots

I'm finishing up the boots, and then all that's left to do is the head, the belt, and add sleeves to the coat ^^

Secondly, here's some Edo hair fun XD (The antenna was done using nothing more than a little water ^^):

I had to hold my hair back because we didn't have a rubberband that would hold it in place ><

Heh I have an Edo antenna XD

Big Edo grin

Side shot

Pouty Edo

Tessa (my friends daughter) and me being Silly

Another side shot (better view of the antenna)

My hair IS getting longer rather quickly, and should be perfect (and golden blond XD) come con time in Sep. So please enjoy (even if they are just fun pics ^^)

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