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Sort Those Characters!

I belong to the_puff_house, a sub-community of the hogwartsishome community, where people can be sorted into different Hogwarts houses and participate in "school activities." You can see by the community name where I landed. (I've always considered myself more of a Ravenclaw, but hey). Anyway, they have a little monthly in-house competition, and this month, it was "Take your favorite book, TV show, movie, etc. and sort one character from it into each of the four Hogwarts houses."

I did it for FMA, and what I came up with was as follows:

Gryffindor: Edward Elric, who puts himself fearlessly on the line constantly for the sake of his mission of finding the Philosopher's Stone.
Ravenclaw: Shieska, who lives in a house full of books and literally reads anything she can get her hands on.
Slytherin: Roy Mustang, who is determined to become the Fuhrer of Amestris and is not above manipulation when he deems it necessary (i.e., the train incident).
Hufflepuff: Alphonse Elric, who shows compassion to everyone from Scar to a stray kitten left out in the rain.

So I'd like to toss the question out to the group: If you were the Sorting Hat, and you were presented with the cast of FMA to sort, where would you put them?
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