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Variety is the Spice of Life.

Several offerings tonight.

Most of them behind cut tags.

2 Songs sets.
A Flash animation (original character work) by hakuyama
A Sins Colorbar.

Colorbars: Ok, who did I miss? Did I get all requests? Please let me know if I missed any.
Previous Colorbars pages are: here and here.

sky_dark sez: I've been asked often enough I should point this out. While I do not consider my textless icons 'bases' (way to much work goes into these things...bases are cropped unaltered images), yes you may alter them as you like by putting your own text on them. Or ask me to do it for you. No prob.

annaonthemoon when you get a chance can you come in here and put up the code for the Sins? Thanks! =D


(Song Sets R Us)
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