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Now for more HavoAi fic-ness!!!!

Now for the next installment of my HavoAi fanfic series.

Part I: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fm_alchemist/2176211.html 

Part II: http://www.livejournal.com/users/purplemewit/1402.html

Part III: As Follows

Title: "Time for trouble"

Author: purplevix

Rating: PG-13 for a little gropeyness... is that a word? it is now

Spoilers: Ep 25, and its corresponding chapter of the manga (dunno the number)

Notes: Things are just going from bad to worse for the treesome, isn't it? Mwahahahahahaha

Time passed somewhat normally, except for the fact that the Colonel now ate his lunches alone, writing. No one knew what he was writing, because no one dared ask. People that knew nothing of the budding conflict in his department just thought he was suffering from too much stress.

The reason he was writing constantly was because he needed a way to vent, without burdening anyone. He used to be able to do that to Hawkeye. Not anymore.


He began to distance himself from the whole affair, trying to suppress his own feelings. When they ask to leave early (with a reasonable span of time in between their departures, of course) he granted it. When they openly showed affection to each other in the office, he pretended not to notice. He did what was the best thing for her happiness. But she’s not looking for mine. It was now rather late at night, and he was alone in the office. He was leaning back in his chair, his feet on the desk, and staring at the ceiling.


It was becoming unbearable. He didn’t know how much more he could take.


A knock at the door caught his attention. “Come in,” he said in his usual way.


It was the library girl, Sheska. “Colonel Mustang, sir? I was told to deliver this letter to you. It’s urgent.” She crossed the room and handed it to him.


He opened it casually and started to read.


To Colonel Roy Mustang,


It has come to our attention that there is fraternization going on in your department between First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye and Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc. We, the disciplinary board, will leave it to you to determine the proper action. However, if no action is taken in the next 30 days, we will be forced to begin the proceedings of a court-martial for both parties. We expect that this will not be necessary.


How had it gotten out? They had been very careful to keep things just as normal as they had been. Had one of the other guys ratted them out? No, and if they did, it certainly would not be on purpose. He knew Fury had a habit of blurting things he shouldn’t have.


But now Roy was presented with a dilemma. He could take action himself, and risk them suspecting that he had told. Or, he could burn the letter, and let the time period lapse. Thus, they would certainly be court-martialed, and perhaps break up over it. That would leave Riza open for his advances. Both options would have him be suspected of underhanded methods.


“Uh… sir?” Sheska said, blushing a bit.


“Thank you, Sheska. That will be all.” She turned and left the room.


Roy stared at the page as if the answer to his dilemma would suddenly materialize on the blank areas of the page. His hand moved toward the desk drawer he kept his ignition gloves in. He slid it open. It paused, clutching the knob. Should I really do this to them? Roy thought for a moment. No… His hand returned to the armrest of his chair.


He collected his gloves and coat and took his leave of the office. He wouldn’t see them until the next morning anyway.




Hawkeye came in early, as usual. She didn’t expect anyone else to be in the office for another hour. She checked the department in-box for anything that may have come in overnight, and placed it on the desks of those responsible for it.


When she stopped at the Colonel’s desk, ready to set a pile of papers on the corner, she spotted a piece of paper lying there. She picked it up, and scanned what it was, to determine where to file it. A letter…oh no…


Just then, Havoc walked in. She didn’t hear him. She was still reading. He slipped his arms around her. “Hey, there, love,” he rested his chin on her shoulder and closed his eyes contentedly.


“We’re done…” Hawkeye said.


“Hm?” he opened his eyes and read the letter. “…Holy shit…” He stood up again, and ran his hand through his hair. “What do we do now?”


Hawkeye pondered a bit. “We wait for the Colonel to come in. We’ll pretend we hadn’t seen it.” She laid it down just as it had been when she came in.


“Since our days are numbered, why don’t we make the most of it?” Havoc said smoothly. He turned her to face him. He kissed her. She felt the same way, so she let him continue. No one was due for 45 minutes, they were safe… not that it mattered anymore.


Once he had gotten her jacket off, she wouldn’t resist further, and he knew that from experience.


Roy decided to come in early that day, a choice he would soon regret. If it hadn’t been for Major Armstrong stopping him in the hall, he wouldn’t have ended up in this situation.


He opened the door. Hawkeye, sitting on her desk, and Havoc, leaning over her, froze staring at him. He dropped his things and walked toward them. He grabbed Havoc by the shoulders and practically threw him off of Riza. “Are you two stupid?!” he screamed. He went to his desk and shoved the letter he received the night before in Havoc’s face.


“Now it falls on me to figure out what to do with you two. I did a little reading last night, and I have four options: transfer one of you out of this department, fire one of you, make you break up, or let the disciplinary board have you court-martialed,” Roy said. “I know you don’t want the last one.”


“My family would hate me if I got dishonorably discharged after all the money they put into the academy…” Havoc said, scratching the back of his head and looking at Riza.


“Want to know what I would do in this situation?” Roy said, sitting back on his desk. “I’d break it off. It’s not worth losing my job over.”


“Some of us aren’t trying to become Fuhrer,” Havoc said.


“Even if I weren’t, that’s what I’d do. I’m going to leave, and keep anyone else from coming in. You guys figure out what action you wish to take.” He left the room. He alchemically locked it, and leaned against the wall.


“So what are you thinking?” Havoc said.


“We really have no choice, now do we?” Hawkeye said resignedly.


“We’re not splitting up!”


“Do you see any other option? I know you don’t want to get transferred any more than I do. You certainly don’t want to get fired, do you?”


“I’ve got an idea,” Havoc nearly whispered, in case the Colonel was right outside the door. “We just tell him we’re over, but we see each other in secret.”


“Are you crazy? That’ll never last.”


“Trust me!” he looked her in the eyes.


“… Alright,” Havoc said. He went to the door. “We’ve made our decision, Colonel.”


Roy came back in, and sat at his desk before he spoke. “And it is?”


“We’ve ended the relationship. You’re right, sir. It’s not worth losing our jobs over.” Riza said.


“Glad you saw it my way.” His heart leapt. They were over! He knew he’d land himself in similar trouble if he ever went after Riza, but at least Havoc didn’t have her all to himself anymore. “I’ll inform the Board.” Roy pulled out a sheet of letterhead and began writing again.


Havoc and Hawkeye returned to their desks, and set to work again. They both hoped they hadn’t just made the biggest mistake of their careers.

should I keep posting these? I like writing them, but I don't wana keep spamming if no one wants to read them...

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