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Question about Omakes

Okay, I poked through the memories, and saw no posts about this...

Being a lover of Hagaren crack, I'm constantly seeking more of it.

So two questions:

Anyone know where I can find some scanlated FMA Omakes? I've seen some, but not all... I'd greatly appreciate finding them translated!

Looking back through the memories, there was mention of a manga book that was like, Fullmetal Alchemist DX, which was full of cractastic stories and 4-panel omakes. Any more info about this? (LOL Viz!! publish this PLEEEEEEASE!!) I'm going to check this one Chinese book store that carries Japanese manga translated into Chinese, as well as keep an eye out for this book at Anime Expo, (I picked up volume 8 last year for a really good price).

*currently counting down the days until the next FMA manga chapter is released and scanlated*

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