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Baby!Al AU drabbles (warning: may be image-heavy)

Once upon a time, lalag drew a cute picture. It made fangirls happy. People commented on how cute the Fuhrer's family was. this madelalag very happy. Then brocas_aphasia decided to do a story on the picture. This made everyone very happy. So lalag and brocas_aphasia decided to join forces. And this is the result.

Stories by: Esprit Libre (brocas_aphasia)
Art by: Lala (lalag)

First one rated for language.

Temper, Temper

Ed was prepared for many things about life. He’d survived near-death experiences, learned to cope with the loss of his limbs, faced down impossible odds and come out on top. He’d discovered the ugly side of life, that everything has its consequences and that people were not always what they seemed to be.

One thing that he’d never had to deal with, however, was a bawling 6-kilogram toddler that refused to stop.

He’d tried everything. Al didn’t want to go outside, wouldn’t be distracted by his toys; he wouldn’t even let Ed pick him up. He just sat there, a blond lump on the carpet, face red from exertion.

Ed was at a loss. He resisted the urge to find Roy and beat the living shit out of him. Lover or no, he’d made Al cry. Ok, so the man wasn’t here and technically it wasn’t his fault, but goddamnit, his brother was crying and Ed wanted him to stop. Wanted him to smile and laugh and play and fuckwankbuggershittedarsehead, where the hell was Roy?

“Al?” He crouched down in front of the little boy. “What’s wrong?” Al hiccupped and looked at him. He put a hand on the child’s shoulder. “Want to tell nii-san what’s wrong?” He tentatively offered a big smile.

Al stared at him. His bottom lip trembled and he promptly burst into more tears.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” Ed flapped his hands frantically, trying to placate his brother. “I didn’t mean anything!”

Al continued to scream. “Papa! Want Papaaa!”

Ed scowled. “Well, Papa’s not here right now. I’m all you got.”

Al’s wails grew shrill.

Ed clapped his hands over his ears and fought the urge to run screaming from the room. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Oh, god, is there an off button in this kid?!”

He picked Al up and bounced him awkwardly. “Where does it hurt?” He wiped the tear strains away.

Suddenly the door flew open and Major Armstrong stepped in. “Do not fear!” The large man boomed. “This baby soothing artistic method has been passed down my family for generations!”

Ed quickly covered Al’s eyes.

Armstrong flexed and, sure enough, his shirt flew across the room. Ed found himself blinded by the sparkles.

“Now, let me see my godson.”

Ed backed away quickly, taking Al with him. “No, no, no, Major. It’s quite all right. I’ve got it perfectly under control.”

Al screeched on cue.

The Major stopped. “Do you not trust me with your brother and my godson, Edward Elric?”


Ed drooped. He eyed Armstrong pleadingly. “Can you at least put your shirt back on?”

“What’s going on?” Roy demanded from the doorway. Two frazzled alchemists and one little boy started in surprise. At any other time, Roy would have laughed himself silly at the sight of Edward Elric looking like he’d been dragged through confetti. Right now, though, Al was demanding attention.

Roy quickly crossed the room.

He deftly plucked the toddler out of their hands. Al, now completely confused with everything, just cried his heart out.

“Shh,” Roy rubbed his back soothingly and bounced him up and down. “Stop that, little man. You’re going to make yourself sick.”

The tears instantly stopped. Al smiled, lisped something incoherent and laid his head on his adopted father’s shoulder.

Ed’s jaw dropped. “How- How- Just a second ago…he…”

Roy smiled smugly at his lover. “It’s all in the touch.”

And with that, he exited the room.

And a drabble...

The Mission

He was still standing just outside the room and already he knew he was way out of his league. The room was brimming with people chatting away, helping themselves to refreshments in the back, and crowding around those in charge. Everyone knew each other, probably down to their life histories.

He glanced at his partner. Ed looked exactly how he felt: apprehension mixed with horror and growing determination. They’d both been dreading this day for years.

Golden eyes caught his. They nodded to each other in agreement.

Roy assessed the room once again. He was going to have to infiltrate their circle. It was the only way. His sharp gaze fell upon a young woman with wavy brown hair pulled up into a soft twist.

There was the link.

He took a deep breath and straightened his shoulders. Ed also visibly readied himself.

This was for Al.

As one, they stepped into the classroom.

Roy felt a tug on his sleeve and looked down. Al peered up at him. “Can I go play with them, Papa?”

Roy nodded and ruffled the dirty blond head a bit. Al happily skipped off to the play area. Ed gave him a wicked grin and followed his brother.

Traitor. Roy sighed. He went to go find the teacher.

Al had to start school sometime.

It was for Al

Hope you like!

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