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I have a story for everyone!! Gather 'round, children! :D

All right, so... once upon a time, in our AU high school RPG, there was a student named Russell Tringham. But he thought that he was Edward Elric.

Finally, after about three weeks, the school guidance counselor, Frank Archer, helped Russell to realize that he is actually NOT Edward Elric!!

But Ed had a grudge against Russell for the whole thing and never fully forgave the poser.

Now, fast-forward to the present! Edward is sorta-kinda famous because Disney bought his soul or something. Not really. So he occasionally has these annoying grade-school fangirls harassing him and stuff. So when Mei Chan comes looking for him (after searching in Canada), he's a little paranoid. Rather than tell her his real name, he claims to be... Russell Tringham. Envy then directs Mei to Russell's journal, saying that it is Ed's.

Then Russell finds out when Mei leaves a comment in his journal. Then he sees Ed's journal and demands to know what the fuck is going on. Unfortunately for him, everyone else has decided to go along with the charade and screw with poor Russ' head. Even Winry, though she was only doing so because she was annoyed at Ed.

Meanwhile, Ed was extremely amused, and goes as far as IMing Russell and demanding to know why he's using his screenname.

But then Ed screws up and he has to let Russ know what's going on. Russell grudgingly agrees to go along with it, and...

...That's as far as it's gotten. :D;;

EDIT: Wow, I changed tenses a WHOLE LOT in there. Oh, well.

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