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The Joint Fic is Officially Underway

If any of you were waiting to see some of the collaborative story before you joined fma_transmute, the first installment is up. 'Twas written by me, but future installments will be written by other members of the community. Starts approximately when the anime starts and will thus retain some common elements (such as the Philosopher's Stone and Scar's vendetta), but the plots will be divergent from there. The only real limitations in place are to keep the story rating at 'R' or below and ensuring the story isn't dominated by one author.

I've been in a writing mood of late, and as I've still recieved no fic-requests to the meme thing in my journal, it's still open for those who want some sort of mini-fic. I need the challenge, if only to prove to myself that I can actually write something short enough to count as a mini-fic!

But if you're a writer, you should definitely check fma_transmute out! I'm out!

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