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Fic dump: Production #5627, for anax: introspective Pride drabble on Roy.

Should be writing other peoples' fics first, but this damned Pride drabble won't get the F out of my head. @.@

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Devil's Devotion, a.k.a. Demidevi-san
Rating: We'll say PG-13/R, but only for imagery. Nothing too bad.
Genre: Introspective, gen. How blase, I know.
Pairing: None, though there's decidingly one-sided Roy X Ed as seen by Pride.
Summary: Ever find yourself wondering just what it is Pride's thinking? Sometimes he does, too.
For: anax, who IS Pride. ^^;; I don't very much expect you to read this, Anax-san, but I just figured that I'd let you know I care. ♥ I also couldn't think of anyone on my f-list who'd really want a short, gen-drabble like this. Bwah ha ha. XD
Comments: SPOILERS if you don't know who Pride is, and for ep 25, but if you KNOW who Pride is, then you had to have seen 25, so... This is also very short and probably not worth such a long introduction. ^^;; That is all.
Music: Just one piece, because it was so short. "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven. Struck me as a very fitting sound for the mood of this piece.

( It was a very boring thing, ruling the world. )

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