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*Another* FMA AMV (Maes this time around ;) )

Click here to download this most depressing AMV

Heres the depressing AMV I said in the last post I was going to make xD This time the song is "Hello" by Evanescene. Like the Roy vid, its mainly a flashback/relfection as well.

Also you will notice the picture is scratchy and old looking =3 This was done purposely to set off the relfection/depressing mood of the vid lol

This time however the focus is Maes ;)

Hmm... I kinda like the Roy amv a bit better, but I think this one sets the reflective/depressing mood quite well lol

((If you missed my previous AMV you can find it at: or in my personal LJ))

Edit: Major Spoiler Warning if you havent seen up to ep 25
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