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fma and alchemical symbolism

So I'm taking this cool class this semester, called 'Astrology, Alchemy and the Philosophy of Magic'; and guess what they let me do my final paper on?

Yeah, FMA. XD

So I've got this paper sitting around that analyzes a lot of the alchemical and astrological symbolism in FMA, with some mythology thrown in for good measure. Would anyone be interested in reading it, if I posted it? I find a lot of it really fascinating, probably the most interesting paper I've ever written, but I don't know if anyone else will.

I'd need to clean it up first-- at the moment it's written for a teacher that hasn't seen FMA but knows a fair amount about alchemy, but to post it here I'd want to modify it so that it would be for people who have seen FMA but might not know a lot about traditional alchemy. I doubt y'all would want to read a half page summary of FMA.

If people aren't very interested I'll probably post it anyway, but without bothering to change anything.

So, anyone want to see it?
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