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((First post here))

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Last night (stayed up till 1 something making it xD) I was struck with some heavy inspiration lol xDD On Monday I heard a song from one of my fave groups I hadn't heard yet and upon listening to it immediatly went "Roy!!!" lol

The song is "When The Sand Runs Out" by the uberest country group ever Rascal Flatts. ^^ And its allllll about Roy <3

Pretty much its a giant flashback and reflection on himself on his part... nothing too special.

I will say this contains clips from Ep 13, 14, 15, and 25 (the only raws i have with roy in them xD) So if you havent seen these episodes or the dub to ep 25 it will be spoilerific slighty ^^

Enjoy xD

If you have any comments or critques feel free to post them.

I do plan on making an AMV about Maes this afternoon as well...but what I have in mind is super depressing =_=
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