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04 May 2005 @ 01:10 am
Ed and Chalk. ^__^;  

This afternoon, I was studying for my history final browsing FMA sites.  While waiting for a page to load I glanced out my window and saw this:


My first thought was "Ed!!!" - because of the coat. ^^;

This was actually my friend saanders.  We had a conversation the previous night via LJ which resulted in looking up a passage in the Bible.  Thus:


That's Numbers: 4-9. Not 49. ^^;
Not going with the Flamel from FMA, she made up her own design.  (Which I think is pretty cool. ^__^)
Here's a close up of the flamel.

Sorry for the big pics. m(_ _)m
Thee End! XD; 

Current Mood: stressedavoiding studying for finals
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corinn on May 4th, 2005 11:32 pm (UTC)
There's a difference between the caduceus and the Staff of Asclepius, however. I think the flamel is a combination of both.

Hermes's Caduceus: one snake
Staff of Asclepius: two snakes

Hermes's Caduceus: not generally wingèd
Staff of Asclepius: generally wingèd

Hermes's Caduceus: symbolic of shepherdry ~ sometimes equated to reference to God/Jesus as the Shepherd; but also of trickery
Staff of Asclepius: symbolic of healing

You'd really have to read the myths of Hermes and Asclepius.

Noteworthy: Asclepius was said to be such a talented healer that he could successfully raise the dead, and the gods were so angered/disturbed by this that Zeus struck him down with a bolt of lightning. (As I recall off the top of my head.)

Asclepius = those who have attempted human transmutation, I bet.
Hermes = brilliance, intelligence, swiftness, trickery... all of which describe Ed.

So I think Caduceus + Staff of Asclepius = flamel.

I need to research this....