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04 May 2005 @ 01:10 am
Ed and Chalk. ^__^;  

This afternoon, I was studying for my history final browsing FMA sites.  While waiting for a page to load I glanced out my window and saw this:


My first thought was "Ed!!!" - because of the coat. ^^;

This was actually my friend saanders.  We had a conversation the previous night via LJ which resulted in looking up a passage in the Bible.  Thus:


That's Numbers: 4-9. Not 49. ^^;
Not going with the Flamel from FMA, she made up her own design.  (Which I think is pretty cool. ^__^)
Here's a close up of the flamel.

Sorry for the big pics. m(_ _)m
Thee End! XD; 

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Capitian Red Squallsaanders on May 4th, 2005 03:13 pm (UTC)
The Snake on a stick (or flamel if you want to sound intelligent) is also used to symbolize healing, which is why you can find in in/outside many docters offices. I originally became familiar with it and the bible passage because my dentist has one outside his office done in copper. So if you go that root of traditional symbolism you could also say that the flamel represents Ed and Al's desire to set things right, or heal the wounds they created. It could also go with the idea that when they were practicing forbidden alchemy they were originally attempting to heal their broken hearts, and then their broken bodies which they could have said to have received in fair trade for healing of their hearts since the series seems to have such an emphasis on equal parts and balances.
corinn on May 4th, 2005 11:32 pm (UTC)
There's a difference between the caduceus and the Staff of Asclepius, however. I think the flamel is a combination of both.

Hermes's Caduceus: one snake
Staff of Asclepius: two snakes

Hermes's Caduceus: not generally wingèd
Staff of Asclepius: generally wingèd

Hermes's Caduceus: symbolic of shepherdry ~ sometimes equated to reference to God/Jesus as the Shepherd; but also of trickery
Staff of Asclepius: symbolic of healing

You'd really have to read the myths of Hermes and Asclepius.

Noteworthy: Asclepius was said to be such a talented healer that he could successfully raise the dead, and the gods were so angered/disturbed by this that Zeus struck him down with a bolt of lightning. (As I recall off the top of my head.)

Asclepius = those who have attempted human transmutation, I bet.
Hermes = brilliance, intelligence, swiftness, trickery... all of which describe Ed.

So I think Caduceus + Staff of Asclepius = flamel.

I need to research this....