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04 May 2005 @ 01:10 am
Ed and Chalk. ^__^;  

This afternoon, I was studying for my history final browsing FMA sites.  While waiting for a page to load I glanced out my window and saw this:


My first thought was "Ed!!!" - because of the coat. ^^;

This was actually my friend saanders.  We had a conversation the previous night via LJ which resulted in looking up a passage in the Bible.  Thus:


That's Numbers: 4-9. Not 49. ^^;
Not going with the Flamel from FMA, she made up her own design.  (Which I think is pretty cool. ^__^)
Here's a close up of the flamel.

Sorry for the big pics. m(_ _)m
Thee End! XD; 

Current Mood: stressedavoiding studying for finals
Current Music: Kesenai Tsumi (Instrumental)
corinn on May 4th, 2005 12:39 pm (UTC)
I think it IS also a nod to the caduceus. After all, Hermes was a child prodigy who tricked Apollo into a deal to his advantage. And Apollo was the god of the fiery sun and strategy and music and foreknowledge and loved the ladies (Daphne, anyone?), etc.


.....Parallel between Roy and Apollo much? XD And Ed and Hermes.

Not to mention Hermes being patron of "the Hermetic Art" and "The Emerald Table of Hermes," which was HUUUUGELY important to alchemy. As in, "Here are coded instructions for making the Philosophers' Stone~!"