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01 May 2005 @ 07:11 pm
Part 8 - Dinner Affairs - Part 3  
This part is kinda short, but who ever said they have to be huge to get the point across ^^ familiar_series

Part 8 - Dinner Affairs - Part 3

The yelling carried all the way into the dining room and the guest room where the twins were sleeping. "I told you I won't! I don't care how stubborn it is, I won't!" Ed was dead set on not drinking the milk, and he was not going to budge on the issue. Both brothers stood there, arms crossed, staring each other down. "Rowan may yell at me later about it, but I will NOT force her to do something she doesn’t want, especially if it means I have to do it!"

Al threw his hands up in Ed's face "You really don't know when to quit do you!? You keep saying I won't, I won't but you know what, just need to give it a rest! You're what, 44 now, and you still want to act like a child over the issue!? You really need to just Grow Up and act your age for once!" Al crossed his arms and just stood there, waiting on some kind of response from Ed.

Ed turned his head to the side and mumbled something about not being childish. Just before Al could retort, the sound of the twins crying in the back bedroom could be heard wailing down the hallway. Sarah appeared from the dining room, looking rather upset "You two should really have taken it outside.... Now I have to deal with Jill and Jordan being fussy from all of the yelling..." She passed by them, followed by Winry, who gave them both a dirty look before disappearing down the hallway.

Ed looked sheepishly at Al, who wore the same expression "I think we kind of over did it..." Ed said as Al nodded, peaking his head around the corner of the hallway. Ed sighed and walked back to the dinning room, Sammy standing on her chair and looking at her grandfather with a sad face "Did Sammy do something wrong Paw-paw?" Ed picked Sammy up and sat down in his chair, hugging the little girl close "No Poppit, you didn't... Paw-paw is just a bit hard headed when it comes to some things...." He glanced down at the glass of milk still sitting on the table where he had left it and shuddered.
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Melodyenjolras on May 1st, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
Heh, I had a feeling Ed would blow up over the milk thing. XD Very nice. ^_^
Imagination at it's finestdragontrap on May 1st, 2005 05:42 pm (UTC)
You knew he wouldn't give up without a fight ^_~ (Otherwise it just wouldn't be Edo XD )
Melodyenjolras on May 2nd, 2005 03:33 am (UTC)
Even in his old age as a grandfather (haha :3), Ed just can't chase away his bitter memories of.... milk. ^_^;