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Umm... Icons. There aren't that many, though. I make like, 2 icons a month... And some of them are really old. Spoiler-y, I guess. I don't know.

Comments and credits would be nice.

+10 icons
-1 Movie!Al
-3 Ed
-1 EdWin
-1 Hughes
-1 Riza
-2 Roy
-1 RoyEd


01. Unplugged and Unwired 02. Goodbye to you 03. Not a god 04. Rainy days are nice but no thank you 05. Boys suck; Throw wrenches at them 06. Hah, I don't remember what I wrote on here, besides the obvious text... 07. Just a little bit arrogant (won first place at fullmetalicons[GJ], arrogant theme) 08. Raining (not to fond of this one myself) 09. You will find the promised land 10. This is a base, you can use it for whatever you like


Any brushes used probably came from here

Fanart used in number one came from here

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