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Colonel Roy Mustang = Colonel Mustard, Kitchen with the Knife?

You get my 27 hours straight with no sleep rambling icon post! =D


okok, the rules, you know them, you love them, they love you. Follow them, they just don't want you to get hurt. They be: Comments are adored beyond measure, Credit when offered brings tears to my eyes but is totally not necessary (Hey, I don't own the rights to FMA), Hotlinking will bring down the wrath of sky_dark upon your skull as well as several of her loyal minions. One who is virus assasin.

This time we have a set of 9 text icons and 9 textless icons illumnation a song suggested by scico, because she's good like that. All of them are Ed and Al. No sins. No Roy. Just the boys. An oddly appropriate song for their situation.

Texas: (Like a Lover (Holding On)

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