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I started delting all the screenshots I took that I already made icons/bases of, and then I thought that maybe someone else might have a use for the screenshots -- either to do their own icons/bases with (although, you are more than free to snag any that i've posted @ flutterbydesign for your own customization). I have the folders organized by episodes here. since I alredy started deleting files, there's only shots from 10-13 up. 17-21 have been shot so far, I just need to make icons from what I capped. I've been deleting them off my computer as I watch (my friend has them archived on his external) and I'm only up to 21 so far, but if anyone has a specific shot request from 1-21, let me know the episode and I can get it the next time I visit him.

I'm also thinking of making a mood icon set of FMA, but my friend told me to wait until I see the entire series before I start picking pictures to use. I'll post that for general use as well, after I figure out how to set it up ;)

*edit* for some reason, the link won't show up, so here's the actual URL:
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