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bad subtitles = death

I was too impatient to wait for FMA to finish in America, so I spent everything I had (not much, really) on the entire series subbed on DVD. The DVDs I bought were actually pretty good as far as the video quality and subbing goes.. unless you watch episode 47.

In that episode are the absolute WORST subtitles EVER. Not only do they not make sense, but some are even completely irrelevant to the story. Allow me to give a few examples.. (SPOILERSDUH)

Well, it started out innocently enough. The episode title popped up, and the subtitle read 'Seal Robot'.

"Wtf?" I said to myself. "Maybe it's just a mistranslation.. the rest will be better."

But boy, was I wrong.

What you are about to read is basically the first 5 minutes of the absolute most painfully subbed episode of an anime I have ever seen..

Shou - "Let me try"
Shou - "Eli, please."
Shou - "Please."
Sloth - "Your mission have been finished, Tak."
Al - "Brother,"
Ed - "Robot, please don't be close to Eli."
Al - "Brother, the man..."
Ed - "Yes, I am so careless"
Ed - "But she isn't Mom."
Al - "I know it too, but..."
Ed - "No matter how she likes, but she doesn't have soul."
Sloth - "You went too far. Edward."
Shou - "Please, Eli."
Ed - "Tak"
Ed - "You just talked Eli on purpose..."
Al - "It is equivalence exchange"
Al - "That is all after we used stone of wisdom."
Ed - "Take incited?"
Ed - "Damn!"
Ed - "Our enemy is more and more."
Ed - "We should record it, otherwise, we will forget it."
Ed - "Forget it."
Ed - "Anyway, please go with me now."
Sloth - "No, Edward."
Ed - "Will you let Eli resume?"
Ed - "Or you want to use up Eli."
Ed - "Eli, evade!"
Al - "Brother"
Ed - "You evade."
Sloth - "Ouch, Edward!"
Ed - "I know."
Ed - "You won't die like this."
Sloth - "You don't run."
Sloth - "This is..."
Ed - "When we defeated Geli, we found the Liancen in Mrs. Dantin's house."
Ed - "This is used to seal robot."


And that's only the first five minutes.. >>

Not only that, but in episode 38 or 39, the translator apparently got lazy and decided to just write "DDD" for one of the subtitles when Mustang was talking.

Oh, and I forgot how in the last episode Al was "Anne", and Envy randomly says "Everyone is died, only the robot is a live"..

In conclusion, this episode = crap. Thank god it was the only one, though.

So.. any thoughts as to the crappiness of these, or maybe even trying to translate for me? I'd really like to know wtf a 'liancen' is >.>
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