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Taking fic requests

So. I like writing fanfic, but I need some things to get my creativity flowing. And I need some practice so I don't get rusty. ^_^

Which is why for the low price of $19.99!!!!! I will write anything, within the bars of G to PG-13 and not messing with Hughes/Gracia. Because some things in life are better left untouched. Also, if you want Envy/Ed fluff, you're speaking to the wrong person. Although I will do creepy, totally messed up Envy/Ed :D

Plus, it's a fun early graduation present for me. Whee, fun!

Anyway, all you really have to do is state specific characters or parings. If you want, you can add any other requirements. Also note that if you don't specify a genre, it will probably end up as crack unless there's no possible way that it can include crack. And I procrastinate, so sorry if I'm still trying to get these done next year ^^
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