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26 April 2005 @ 11:23 am
I come bearing fanfiction! -throws flowers-  
I come bearing fanfiction love!! ^__^;; I've been so bored lately, and just writing these drabbles isn't really helping much but.... until my writing skills get back up to par, and my plot bunnies bounce once more, I'm screwed to write nothing over....five-hundred words. >.O But anyway, here's a new drabble.

Title: Title (O-o;;)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 155
Pairing: None. Ed-centric.
Genre: Angst-y (Not really bad or anything though.)
Theme: Indignace.

Inside, he winces at the term ‘Dog of the Military’. He hates it when they call him that. Maybe it’s because of the assumption behind the words. Them acting like they know him, when in truth, it couldn’t be a bigger lie. They had no idea why he was in the military. Before they met him, they immediantly disowned him, throwing him out, thinking he was there to hurt them, or take their land, or some other stupid thing like that.

He despised it.

More so, it was after he’d help the people. Then they would accept him with open arms. It made him sick. People were so decieving.

But he delt with it. He needed the title to save himself, and to save Al. It wasn’t his choice, it was the only option. And so, for as long as he needed, he would keep the title, and remain a ‘dog of the military’.

I also wanted to ask if anyone could suggest themes for me, I'm dying, and it really does tend to help. (At least I can write something. And also, is there like, a list of themes with the numbers? 'Cause I do know themes have numbers (I think O-o;;) If so, could someone send it to me, or give me the link? Thanks. ^__^
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devils_devotion on April 26th, 2005 08:58 am (UTC)
There're pairing-centric themes on TKKN, but I'm sure you know about them. XD So, a theme?

"Appearances". Nice and to the point. Hope it helps. <3

Now, I read this, and the tone and style and depiction of emotion was great, but there were a few...like, 3...spelling errors. Run through spellcheck? If you need a beta-reader, ask around. And as long as it's not a big project, I'll do it for ya. ^^