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About the English DVDs and Manga....

Ok, so Cartoon Network is supposed to be taking FMA off May 6th right? After episode 26? And as far as I know, they're putting it back on in November.

So I'm assuming that the DVDs are going to keep getting released. I know that the next DVD is coming out in May (the 3rd), and so would that mean that, if Funimation keeps putting them out at a rate of 1 DVD a month, with four episodes, by the time it's put back on in November, we'd be up to episode 36 on the english DVDs, right?

As for the manga, I don't know if the schedule is going to be all screwed because Volume 1 is out like, three weeks early, but I think that if it's put out at the rate it's going our now, by November, we should be up to volume 4. I think....

Does this all sound right?
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