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I need a host...;o;"

'Eii, this is munou coming out of lurkmode again ^^; I'm not sure if this is allowed here, but I'm desperate.

I own the Envy Fanlisting. I tried to upload a few affiliate buttons and the updated member list today, it said I exceeded my disk quota. I tried to email my host, but I got a message back from the Mail Delivery System telling me that the message couldn't be sent because her inbox is full. I have no way of contacting her, and the last time she updated her website was over 2 months ago. ^^; I haven't updated in atleast a month, and I feel bad for not adding so many people so I'd like more space as soon as possible x-x;;

I am in desperate need of a host. I thought it'd be nice if the fanlisting would be hosted by a fellow Hagaren fan, so I'm posting this here. Terribly sorry if it doesn't belong. ;x; Feel free to delete my entry.

I know how to use FTP, I'm decent at webdesign, I know HTML pretty well, and (I think) I'm nice. <3 I don't need that much space. When I look at the properties of the layout on my computer, it says it's 2.18mb. (I have no idea how I managed to pass quota. But then again I have no idea how much space she gave me in the first place..) 10mb would be nice, just so I could be flexible with layouts and coding an' stuff. I'll need PHP3 and MySQL support eventually, I plan on installing PHPFanbase with the next layout. (Adding people manually is just too hard. I almost gave myself Carpal Tunnel XD)

So, in short: Does anyone have any spare space lying around that you'd be willing to share? <3


- Sachi

(If this doesn't belong, just tell me..I'll delete it ._.)

EDIT: DONE! Thanks jkaizer <3333
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