Improbable Design (darkazriel) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Improbable Design

Okay this just occurred to me...

So I was thinking about Dante, and how she goes around getting alchemists to create the philosopher's stone so she can hop bodies again.

She got Hohenheim to make what was allegedly the first stone.

What guarantee do we have that that was the first stone and that Dante wasn't just manipulating Hohenheim as she manipulated a long string of others, and accidentaly fell in love? How old could Dante be? She's a good alchemist, maybe she created the first one a long, long time ago and switched bodies before near-imminent death, thus creating the need for more of the stones. O_o

Of course, that also brings into question whether Dante was originally female... I mean, a body is just a casing for the mind.

I've now officially weirded myself out thinking about male!Dante. O_o

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