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Okay, the bunny's gone...

I can go to sleep now

Title: His Secret
Author: purplevix
Pairing: Slight RoyXAi
Spoilers: none
Genre: fluff?

Blame devils_devotion……

This extended from a comment made in the post about the DJCD about three or four down, that it did.

The nerve of her! Roy thought in a huff as he buttoned his white shirt. It was around 7:30 a.m., and Roy was already a bit perturbed, and he hasn’t even had a meeting with Fullmetal yet. He had a date that night, which was good. He even took a bit of perverse pleasure in knowing he had beaten Havoc to the punch… again. But there was something bad as well.

How could she not want me to wear my uniform? He wondered indignantly.

He thought back to the encounter the day before. He was going out for some lunch because the cafeteria was serving meatloaf…again. He stopped by a small restaurant and smiled at the cute waitress as she bussed a table. He sat at the one next to it. “Give me a moment and I’ll be right with you, sir.”

“Take your time, I’m in no hurry.” He slipped right into his usual charm. He opened the menu and took a look. Ham and cheese sounds good right now. Dining decision made, he used looking at the daily specials posted on the wall as an excuse to watch her for a moment. Her uniform consisted of a black knee-length pencil skirt and a ruffled white blouse, but it looked cute on her. She had her long hair put up in a high braid.

“Hello, I’m Theresa, and I’ll be your server this afternoon. Have you made your decision or do you need a few more minutes?”

“I think I’m ready.” He placed his order, and chatted with the waitress a bit. She had a brother that was a State Alchemist, but he was stationed in the south.

A little later, Roy was sipping the last of his coffee. “Here’s your check, sir.”

“Thank you,” he said as he pulled his wallet out. He left a rather hefty tip. When she came to take the leather folder back, he held onto it a moment to hold her there. “I have a bit of a problem I might need your help with.”

“What might that be, sir?”

“Well, I have two front row seats to ‘Here and Now’ for tomorrow night, but I find myself without anyone to go with. Would you be interested?”

Her face lit up. “Sure!”

“How about I meet you outside the restaurant at 7?”

“I’ll be there!” She responded brightly. She then bit her lip. “But can I ask something of you?”

“Whatever you’d like.”

“Could you not wear your uniform? My brother’s friends like to do it, and it kind of bugs me.”

He was caught off guard for a bit, but then recovered. “Sure thing.”


Back in the present, Roy pulled his uniform jacket on and snapped it closed. As he straightened his collar, he came to a realization. He hadn’t gotten any new clothes in 6 months. In fact, the last time he remembered being in civilian clothes, other than the boxers he slept in, was when he went to visit his parents back out east a few months ago. And he wasn’t even trying to impress anyone then.

I’ll worry about it after work. He checked his hair in the mirror one last time before collecting his ignition gloves and trench coat from the desk chair.

Havoc was wallowing in his own misery when Roy walked in. He smirked a bit, but that quickly faded to a bit of a scowl when he saw the pile of paperwork on his desk. I’m going to have to actually get some work done if Hawkeye’s going to let me leave in time for the date.

All day, the clothes thing nagged at the back of his head. He found it more difficult than usual to focus on a rather boring report about building inspections.

Lunch crawled up and rushed away, and when 5 o’clock rolled around, Roy was signing the last denial for time off. He cracked his fingers and stretched his arms out. He left the office, mentally going through his closet. He felt rather pathetic at the moment. He always used to take pride in how he presented himself, even when he spent his days buried in books in preparation for his State Alchemist’s exam, when he went out, he still took special care in his appearance. Now he felt like how he regarded the generals, not able to handle life outside of protocol.

When he got back to his apartment, he got himself some water, took off his uniform jacket and put it over the back of his desk chair, where it usually was if he wasn’t wearing it, rolled up his sleeves and flung open the doors to his closet. His eyes went straight to his suit collection. White? No, it looks like rain. Black, brown, dark green, and…no. His eyes landed on an old, musty, ugly brown and black plaid blazer, he didn’t even know why he still kept the thing. He should’ve burned it a long time ago.

He stood there and stared. He wanted to wear the white, but he didn’t want to get it muddy. His eyes fell on his black suit, and he got an idea.

Soon, he was wearing the white jacket, black pants, one of his usual white shirts, and a paisley purple necktie. He detached his pocket watch from its usual place in the chest pocket of his uniform, and attached it to his belt in much the same way Fullmetal did. He gathered his hat, his coat, an umbrella, and his gloves, and left.

It just so happened that he passed Hawkeye on her way back from the grocery store. By now, it was 6:30.

“Good evening, Colonel!” she saluted. She seemed to have just gotten off duty.

Should I ask her? He wondered whether or not he should get her opinion on what he was wearing. “Erm, Lieutenant…” He unbuttoned his trenchoat. He barely had it open before her mouth dropped open.

“With all due respect, sir, that tie is horrible,” Hawkeye said in her usual matter-of-fact tone. Her eyes scanned the immediate area and she spotted a men’s clothing store kitty-corner from where they were. “Come with me, sir. It’s for your own good.” She grabbed him by the wrist and ran with him to the store.

She handled this mission with the same remarkable efficiency she regarded all her missions with, no matter how trivial it seemed. She had him try on half a dozen suits and outfits before she was satisfied. Roy was overwhelmed.

About 25 minutes later, Roy emerged with a new, better suit. The cut suited him better, and so did the color. It was a nice, rich dark blue. He wore a new white shirt underneath, and a plain red silk tie. He checked the time as he reattached his pocket watch to his belt. Good thing I left early. It was 7:00.

Hawkeye now had a shopping bag with his old clothes in it added to her two grocery bags. He spotted the top of a box of dog food sticking out of one. “I’ll hang on to these, you can come by and claim them anytime.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. I’ll be seeing you in the office tomorrow?”

“Of course. Good night, Colonel,” she saluted again, Roy returned it. She snapped open her umbrella against the now pouring rain, and walked away. Roy made it to the restaurant and waited under the awning for just a minute or two for Theresa to show up.

“Well, it seems you military guys do know how to dress yourselves. I’m impressed.”

Roy grinned. It would, of course, stay his secret.

Lemme know if there's anything wrong with any formatting, I'll be back in the morning. *sleeps*

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