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Title: We Can And Will
Author: ME, FABULOUS ME, fullmetalkatu!
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Genre: Drama, Angst...Uplifting speeches?
Spoilers: Episode 14, around that area.
Disclaimer: Arakawa-sama and Square Enix owns FMA~
Notes: Wartime angst fic with Hughes and Roy, as requested by meteorspark. I'm really proud of this, even though I only spent about 20-30 minutes on it.

Maes saluted the officer that greeted him on the way into Roy’s building. Well, it was hardly a building, Hughes noted with growing distaste. It was like a bunker, without the protection.

“Hey, you,” Maes offered a grin, saluting Roy.

Roy didn’t salute. His head was practically between his knees, an empty shotglass in his left hand, a gun in his right.

“Hey, Roy….” The bespectacled man frowned and sat next to him on the bunk.

“I killed them, Hughes. I shot them. I barely hesitated to shoot two innocent people- doctors! Doctors, they were trying to help…”

“You were just obeying orders, Roy-“

”THE ORDERS OF A MURDERER!” Roy screamed, an anguished note that made his voice crack horribly. He chucked the shot glass and it shattered on the other wall.

“Roy!” Hughes jumped up to make the man sit back down. “Roy…”

Jeez. Even I’m speechless.

Maes frowned deeply, and took off his glasses. He sat on the floor, and leaned against Roy’s legs and the bunk. “It was your fault, Roy. I’d hate to lie to you, but you won’t even lie to yourself…but, it was your fault, you did kill innocent civilians, and you can’t take it back and it isn’t just a dream. You can’t drink it away, you can’t kill yourself over this, and you won’t- I won’t let you- you won’t despise yourself the rest of your life for this.”

Hughes took the man’s gun and slid it across the floor, away, out of Mustang’s reach.

“What can we do, Hughes? I asked Marcoh…”

“Marcoh doesn’t know.” Hughes closed his eyes and smiled. “You want to know what we can do?”

“What can we do, Hughes? Enlighten me.”

“We can brush off our butts, we can stand up and smile and we can and will breathe in and out, day after day, and get through this.” Hughes stood and put his glasses back on. “I’ll see you in a few days, Mustang.”

“….” Roy was quiet for a while after the man had left. And then, finally, he smiled as well, and murmured, “Thank you, Maes.”
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