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Gender swich Character discriptions and more!

Here are some descriptions on how the characters will look. The references to other anime characters are there because I didn’t know how to describe the outfits or how they would look better then comparing them to the characters that are closest to what I would think they would look like. Sorry about all the Saiyuki comparisons...it was the only thing I could think of comparing them too when I did this ^^; . They were the first characters that came to mind...

Well I hope you like the way I did this. I was thinking of taping the reruns so I can start work on it. That’s probably why I did this. To give you the Idea of what I had in mind.

Tomboy, Dresses the same as Ed other then tighter, low cut, tank top under the black thing. Also has a choker with the Flamel on it. (like adaneko fan art)

Armor: Body's skinnier then Al's. Armor also has breast plates.

Long, light brown hair (when I say long I mean shoulder length, spiky) and has stubble growing in. Jeans and a dark purple t-shirt.

Glasses, Blond hair, bun (that looks like it's falling apart). calm looking. Brown dress with tie and white shirt under it.


Short, blond hair, sort of Sanzo-ish. Normal boys clothes, usually has on jeans and a baggy T-shirt. For working, he's shirt-less and has the jump suit tied around his waist and a bandana.

(Male Pinako):
Glasses, Squinty eyes, sort of bald. Normal old men clothes.


Short hair, glasses.
Casual: Homely looking (now she has a family, she toned it down. Black shirt, jeans.
Work: Maroon under shirt.

Green shirt, khaki pants. Kind. Messy strawberry blonde hair.

(Male Elisa):
Looks like little Ed, T-shirt over a long sleeved T-shirt and jeans. Or a T-shirt and shorts.


Long black hair
Casual: Off White shirt, open, Dog tags, Miniskirt (I love irony...don't you?).
Work: Gloves, Hair goes into a bun that's held up with chopsticks.

Short hair, the way Riza has her hair is represented in the part that covers his face.
Casual: Black shirt, jeans
Work: Black under shirt

Alexandra Louise Armstrong:
I have come up with the idea that she will look like Armstrong's sister, just taller.
And she will have the squinty eyes that Armstrong has. You can thank me from saving you from
the nightmares :P ....
Casual: white shirt, khakis
Work: Uniform, but mostly just the butt capes and a purple sports bra.

Jeanie Havoc:
Hair, Blonde in the front, ort of an orange brown in the back. Cigarette. Hair pulled back in a spiky pony tail with maroon holder.
Casual: Midriff black shirt, Red skirt.
Work, maroon under shirt still has a pony tail.

Kate Fury:
Black short hair, razor cut.
Casual: ?????
Work: Dark green shirt.

Valerie Farman:
Boy cut Gray hair (Light on top dark under), ' ^ ' type eyes.
Causal: ????
Work: gray under shirt

(Female Breda):
Buzz cut, red hair, skinny.
Casual: Maroon shirt and jeans
Work: Uniform top open.

Daisy Brosh:
Blonde hair, very short, the only long pieces are the front sides (like Brosh's)
Casual: Daisy Dukes, Baggy T-shirt, Green and pink over shirt, and a hat.
Work: Uniform.

Marcus Ross:
Short hair like Maria's, just with bangs.
Casual: ????
Work: Uniform

(Male Sheska):
Same type of hair, though a little more man-ish looking, glasses, kind of looks like Tenpou .
Casual: Gray shirt/sweater and jeans.
Work: Suit, that looks like the solders uniforms, but tighter. And no butt cape.

(Female Basque Gran):
Older, angry looking. Short hair.

Queen Brandy:
Happy looking woman. 'Lucy' looking hair. eye patch
Casual: Black tank top, brown skirt.
Work: Fuhrer uniform, sword.

Long dark hair, white shirt black pants.

Fran Archer:


Looks like Roy-lust a little. Purple silk shirt, open, and black pants. His gloves are shorter then Lust's They only go up to his wrists, but, they do the same thing.

Looks the same as Envy, But with boobs and the skirt is a skirt (not like Envy's with the shorts) and the top part is different too, looks more like a sports bra.

To save you from nightmares again, Female Gluttony will be skinny (Girls that eat alot in anime don't seem to gain an ounce...or the ones I watch anyway) She will also have a bowl cut hair style.

Long, light brown hair (when I say long I mean shoulder length, spiky), Black suit, Dark purple shirt.

Julian Douglas:
Gray suit, Olive green shirt. Brown hair

Midriff shirt, the vest is longer then the shirt. Hip huggers. Hair done up like Riza's except its Black. Colored bands instead of black.

Hyper little tomboy, normally wears a black t-shirt and green cargo pants. Once a Homunculus that changes to a black midriff shirt and a skirt.

(Male Lyra):
Gray shirt, leather pants, messy hair. Then there is the butler outfit then later we see him dressed in a nice Tux....

Gray hair pulled back into a pony tail some of the hair is covering her face. Looks lost, but a Bit like lust, though keeping with the darker skin of scar's brother's girlfriend.

Ron: dark brown hair, Red (I mean red) highlights. The sides are spiky. But other then that its straight short hair.

Nino Tucker:
Over alls, with a white shirt under them. Hair like Little Al's.

(Female Tucker):
Homely looking woman, Glasses. Brown jacket over a dress.

(Male Isumi):
Dreadlocks. Has on something Sort of like Kougaiji's Reload outfit. Sometimes a black t-shirt and jeans or a baggy white shirt and sweat pants.

(Female Sigu):
Short hair, empty scary eyes, not bulky at all....just a little mussely. She usually has on a black shirt and jeans.

Florence Tringham:
Short Blonde hair, she wears a Green jumper, White shirt and head band.

Rachel Tringham:
Gray shirt, school girl type skirt, Blonde, Sort of a peek-a-boo hair style, tall.

There you have it....do you have anything better or do you like what I have?

Also there are some name changes to report:

Al is now Alison, Not Alyssa.
Hughes is now Mae not May.

A few NEW names too! :
Daisy Brosh/Block
Marcus Ross
Kimberly (you Had to know that was coming -_-; )
Fran Archer
Clark A.K.A Zeus (the Male Psirin)
Mish Tringham

As for the animals there are:
Pen (Den)
Alexia (Alexander)

I still need Names for the following characters:
Elisa (sp?)
Basque Grand
Black Hyatt

I don't know if I did this before...But Thanks for all the help You guys gave ^_^ !

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