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FMA dreams!

Has FMA permeated into your unconscious enough to give you really strange or cracktacular dreams?

First one's serious, the second one starts serious, then goes cracktacular, the third one's just strange.


In a sort of State Alchemist Academy. Come to class late to find class frozen, a transmutation circle on the floor, and Roy out cold. I go get someone (ends up being Armstrong) and tell them what happened.

Later, I’m visiting Roy in the hospital, and it seems we’ve figured out what happened, and when he reveals it, it’ll be at a parent’s night of sorts. He’s worried that something will happen to us, so he tells me to keep my eyes open for trouble.

I had spent the meantime making sure those who were frozen keep alive. Water, shakes, etc.

On the night that he was going to reveal it to the public, I’m running through the crowded halls calling “Colonel! Has anyone seen the Colonel!” I again run into Armstrong, and he tells me where he’s going to be. I go in that classroom, different from the one I was supposed to be in, and try to blend in with the rest of the students, while someone else is making their speech. Impatient for Roy, I start giving them a hard time because they’re botching whatever theory they’re presenting. That’s it.


In State Alchemist Uniform with Justin. Running down one floor of stairs, run across an empty room to another, then down another set of stairs. Dark room, shine flashlight around, see circle for human transmutation covered in blood. Get woozy, but continue. Through trap door, down stairs, see Ed lying in a pool of blood, looking dead or almost there. We pick him up but he says “They breathe fire and bite.”

“What do?”

“They look like hamsters”

I pass him off to Justin and put on my Roy-style gloves. I roast the first creature as it leaps at me. I put up a good fight but then the sparkyness of the gloves wears out. I make a dash for the door, and as I dive through the trap door, one leaps after me but Justin (Riza?) Is already in the position to fire and the dead critter lands on top of me.

We bandage up Ed and that’s it.


This one is animated just like the show. Hughes finds out his information about the Fuhrer but he outruns Envy when he tries to kill him. He gets Havoc to help him somehow and they both make their way to the Fuhrer’s office by different paths. Envy is close on his heels though. He starts to make his way through the building, hopping through the ceilings, mostly. He keeps on his guard, and periodically throws daggers into dark corners to be sure. He accidentally smashes a ceiling tile into Havoc while on his path. I woke up before they got anywhere.

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