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I brought sticks!!

Yes, I arrive bearing 5 more stick figure comics. -5-. All very random.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

This is the ending of the game as explained by my friend Duskino. Obviously, game spoilers, and yes, the Professor is bald in this comic.

I'm going to Hell for this, aren't I?

This is based on a convo with my friend. This conversation occured at about 7:33AM, so it's very very strange. There are movie spoilers, and yes this has to do with a lawnmower.

Envy+Talks about reincarnation=this

No intentional spoilers in this one. It's all about what would happen if Envy got reincarnated instead of homuncul-ized (is that a word? XD)


This one deals with Scar's name. And strangely, Scar's Arm in that last one does slightly resemble a stick version of the Arm and Hammer arm. I do not own the Arm and Hammer arm, the Arm and Hammer company does. :D

And there you go.

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