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More bunnies spawned from familiar_series

Rowan cradled his daughter in his arms, sitting in the rocking chair in his daughter's room. He was trying to read a book he had picked up from his father, entitled "Geo-physics". His father wasn't too keen on letting him know where he had gotten the book from, but Rowan had a feeling that it was part of the stash that had come back with Ed when he returned from the other world.

He was flipping through the book, trying to skim over pages as the tiny bundle slept against his chest. They still were unable to come up with a name for their daughter, and she was starting to push 2 weeks. He couldn't keep calling her Little Girl or Baby Girl for much longer because it would start to set in as the little child’s name.

The little girl started to fuss, Rowan had to set the book down on his lap, trying to get her to go back to sleep. After much rocking and back rubbing, he was able to get her to quite back down. He picked the book back up, noticing the name printed on the spine. He raised an eyebrow, looking down at his daughter, who was now sleeping peacefully, her little head leaning against his shirt. Her tiny hands were clenched into little fists, that would open and close every once in a while. Rowan looked back at the book, smiling slightly "I think this would be a fine name for you... Samantha..."

Awww Edo helped and didn't know it ^^
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