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FMA Artbook 2 Scans

I've had these scanned for a really long time, but forgot/was lazy about posting them. ^^; They're all old pictures that you can find on the official website, but much larger. I suppose they could come in handy if anyone wants to make a layout or wallpaper or something. Feel free to use anything, but please don't hotlink.

Just to be safe, spoilers for entire series.

Cover. Sadly, the only previously unreleased image in the entire book. And there isn't even a textless version of it inside. ;_;


Err... yeah, those are big folds down the middle. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to edit them out. Almost all of the pictures in the book span across 2 pages.

You can't really tell on the official site pic cause it's too small, but in this one you can see that Ed's letter says "Dear Hughes" at the top. =D

A very badly blown up version of the picture laying on the desk in the above image.

And the other picture on the desk. Image shack wouldn't give me a thumbnail, I guess because it's already so small. ^^;





This wasn't actually scanned from the artbook, but from the second DVD booklet. The exact same image is in the artbook but it's 2 pages wide, so I scanned the DVD picture to have an image without a fold in the middle.

And lastly, these are from the Staff Comments section at the end of the book. I have no idea what they say, but I just thought these three were cute. ^_^ Anyone care to translate?

If anyone is interested in buying the book, I got mine from Anime Books for $25 (including shipping, in the US). It's a nice book, though I didn't know when buying it that it was made entirely of official site pics that I'd already seen. ~_~;
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