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15 April 2005 @ 08:04 am
Part 4 - Unki Al  
Damn these bunnies >< They have spread thanks to familiar_series

Part 4 - Unki Al

Sammy had nodded off to sleep in Ed’s arms, her little head leaning on his neck. They had made pretty good time, the night air just starting to become chilly as the sun was setting off in the west. Ed could see the lights from the porch of Al's house up on top of the same hill that the Rockbell house had been standing on for longer than he could remember. It was a shame Pinako was no longer alive to enjoy her great-grand kids, but she had at least seen Sammy as a very small baby before she died.

Ed turned into the walkway that led up to the house, finding that the front door was still open, but the screen door was closed. He walked up the steps, like he had done many times in the past, and knocked on the front door. "Just a minute!!" came Winry's voice from somewhere in the house. She's more than likely in the workshop he thought to himself. Instead of Winry coming to the door, Al popped his head around a corner "I thought I heard something..." He grinned, and walked over to the front door. His hair was more of a silverish gray now, and he was sporting a black pair of circle rimmed glasses. "Nii-san I didn't know you were dropping by.. Oh! You brought Sammy!" He said with a bit of a surprise in his voice.

"Rowan called me last minute to take her for a few days. He and Susan had to go on a business trip for the performing company Rowan runs." Al opened the door for Ed, letting the pair inside. "You're just in time, Sarah just brought the twins by.." Ed chuckled, Al had just recently become a grandfather not more than a month ago. Ed really hadn't had the time to see them because he had been so busy with his studies and the assessment, that time had slipped away from him.


Part 5 is in the works ^^
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