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Part 2- Family Traits

Continued from the Sammy post this morning

Part 2 - Family Traits

"Oh no you don't.." Susan grabbed the toddler around the waist and picked her up. "You still have to finish getting ready before you can go with Paw-paw..." She tickled the now pouting Sammy, who burst into laugher as the pair went back down the hallway.

Ed stood up a bit slowly "I need to get Winry to look at my automail for me.... it seems to be moving rather stiffly." Rowan chuckled "I think that's called age dad..." Ed shot him a you did not just make a crack at my age glance. Rowan raised his hands and smiled nervously "I didn’t mean anything by it..." He turned and looked back down the hallway "Sammy seems to have picked up one of your more unwanted traits dad..."

Ed raised an eyebrow "Unwanted trait?" Rowan nodded "She won't even touch milk... At first, she just wouldn't finish what she was given, and recently, she won't touch it at all." He looked over at his father, who was shaking his head, a grin plastered on his face. "Dad, I know how much you hate milk, but Susan and I really need you to try and set an example for her..."

Ed crossed his arms and looked strait at Rowan with a very serious face "I DO NOT drink milk... And you of ALL people should know this..." Rowan nodded, not wanting to get into a fight about his father’s disliking of milk. “I know, I know.. You hate milk, but it’s important for her to drink it. She needs it to grow to a normal height…” Ed got a very annoyed look on his face "My own SON is now making cracks on my height..." Rowan sighed "Dad I was not making any cracks on your height.... I was trying to explain to you why we need you to help us to get her to drink it." Ed stood there, pursing his lips "I'm not drinking any, but I'll see what I can do...."


Part 3 can be found on my LJ (The bunnies won't leave me be *gonk*)The bunnies from familiar series seem to be multiplying ><
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