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“Thanks for coming on such short notice dad...” Rowan held the front door open for Ed. He had not even set a foot inside of the house when a half naked, 2 1/2 year old came tearing down the hallway. “Paw-paw!” She squealed, her mother chasing after her with a shirt “Samantha come back here!”

The little brunette came running up to her grandfather, hugging him around his right leg. Ed chuckled and looked down at his granddaughter as Susan got ahold of her, slipping the shirt over the little girl's head. Her chestnut brown hair was about shoulder length, and needed to be brushed. "Dad, we shouldn't be gone more than a couple of days." Ed looked at his son, smiling "That's alright, me and poppit will have fun while her mommy and daddy are out of town." Ed always referred to Samantha as poppit.

Sammy looked up at her dad "Da... do I get to stay with paw-paw?" Rowan nodded "Yes Sammy, you do" he watched the little girls golden eyes light up as she hugged him around the legs. She was still rather small for a 2 1/2 year old, but that seemed to run in the family.

Ed knelt down to Sammy's level, grinning "You ready to go poppit?" The little girl nodded excitedly, smiling widely.


The bunnies got to me again this morning.... I may continue this at some point, but alas I have class and have to run (The ficlet is brought to you by the bunnies I got over at familiar_series)

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