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My first fma fic...

Notes: Hiya! I'm a longtime lurker, but it's a policy of mine not to make an introduction without something to post. But I've had an idea for an Ed and Rose fic for a really long time now, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out! I love Ed and Rose so much ^^ Anyway, first time poster, so C&C please, kthnx ^^

Title: Rose's Anguish
Rating: NC-17
Warning: PWP, paraphilia, possible spoilers for the last few episodes.
Summary: Rose goes into a hellish craze when she realizes Dante means harm to her only child. Ed confesses his love for Rose and finds a way to free her from her madness ... a sexy way.

Rose's shrill cries sent paralyzing chills through Dante's body. "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!!!" Rose screamed as she grabbed her baby from her puppeteer's arms. "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE HIM FROM ME AGAIN!" With two swift movements of her right hand, Rose removed her soiled panties and positioned her newborn under her dialated baby box.

"Rose, no! Stop this madness right now! Think of your child!!!" Ed screamed as he unbuttoned the top of his pants.

"No Ed, I have to do this! How could I ever expect you to understand?!" Rose began pinching her left nipple in anticipation of what was to come.

"Nooooooooo!!" Ed slammed both of his hands together and thrust them towards the ground. Flashes of blue light danced around Ed as he pulled something from wence his hands once laid.

Dantes statuesque body was still frozen from Rose's siren like yells, but that quickly changed as she realized what Ed was transmuting the very ground beneath them. Her seemingly ageless face quickly became wrinkled and distorted with fear.

A devilish smirk spread across Ed's face as his newly transmuted toy fully emerged. "I warned you once Rose, I won't be so forgiving upon the next."

Rose's head flung around like that of a rag doll's until her eyes met Ed's. "I'm the only one who can save this child now. I won't let anyone take him from me
again. NO ONE!!!!" Rose pinched her nipple with great force as she began to thrust her child between her legs.

"I warned you, Rose!!" Ed yelled as he pulled down his pants and exposed his private parts. "I didn't want to do this, but you've left me no choice!" Ed grabbed both sides of his newly transmuted blow-up lamb and quickly began shoving his winky in and out of its tight, lubricated bum.

Dante was having trouble comprehending the horrific sight before her eyes. To her left was Rose trying to shove her child back into her womb and in front of her was Ed making love to a blow up lamb that he kept referring to as "Hohenheim". She was having trouble controlling herself--she was horrified and at the same time, more aroused than she had been in centuries. If this went on much longer she very well might soil herself.

"COME BACK TO ME, MY CHILD!!" Rose had now managed to push one of her breasts up to her mouth and was now sucking on her own nipple. With her newly freed hand she reached down and began to push the baby deeper within her. The once notable screams of a newly born child were now muffled by Rose's inner vaginal walls.

Ed knew his plastic pal couldn't hold out much longer, not with how violently he was penetrating it. "Just a little longer Hohenheim, I'm almost there." Ed potitioned himself and then threw his head back and moaned with great vigor, "HOHENHEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!!!!!" The sheer force of Ed's orgasm caused him to faint and send the little lamb flying 5 feet across the room.

Rose had no sooner managed to squeeze her labia around the torso of her now comatose child when she realized what was heading her way. "No Ed, Whyyyyy?!?!"

The inflated animal struck Rose right between the eyes, and before Rose could even hit the ground she was out cold. Dante, who had just witnessed the entire scene, could not do or say anything. She stood there in complete shock while Ed lay in front of her, his pants down and winkie now half mast. Rose was now sprawled on the floor to her left with a presumably dead baby half way out of her gigi, and there was Dante standing in the middle of it all.

Dante then proceeded to soil herself and afterwards left the room.

The end.

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