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Part 2: What's in a name?

Sorry for all of the posts... but the bunnies won't leave me alone ><

Rowan shook his head “Not yet… We were hoping maybe you could help, being that she is your first grandchild.” Ed shut his eyes and laughed a little. He remembered when he first introduced Rowan to Roy, and what a shock it had been for Roy to have a child dumped into his arms, and then later being known as Gumpa by the golden-eyed, blond 3 year old.

“Names aren’t completely my forte, your…” He stopped himself short. “My what? Dad?” Rowan’s interest had been peaked at the mention of the missing word. Ed Didn’t say anything, just letting the little bundle in his arms grab onto an finger. The little baby cooed, closing her tiny fists around the digit. Ed smiled ever so slightly, eyes half closed. “Lets just say I’m not good at coming up with names….” Rowan sighed “You’re always keeping bits of information from me…”

Ed didn’t say anything, he just smiled, looking down at his granddaughter. “She really did inherit the Elric eye trait.” The baby girl squiggled*, eyes shut, as she reached up and pulled off Ed’s glasses, holding them above her little head. Both Ed and Rowan chuckled and Ed removed his glasses from his still unnamed granddaughters tiny fists. The child’s bottom lip started to quiver as her new “plaything” had been taken away. Just as she started to wail, Ed held an automail finger up for her to see, which quelled the child’s wailing, and peaked her curiosity.

*Squiggle is a cross between a squeal and a giggle ^^

“Dad I really hate to do this to you, but Susan is expecting us back in a little while...” He saw his father get a sort of disappointed look on his face, much like that of a young child that just got told they couldn’t keep whatever it was they had just found. Rowan reached around the chair, lifting the child out of her grandfathers arms. This sudden disturbance caused her to start wailing, Rowan trying to calm her “Shhh….” he held her close, rocking her from side to side. Ed watched in amazment as memories of him doing the same exact thing with Rowan when he was a baby came to the surface of his mind.

The child kept crying, seeming to not be appeased by the rocking of her father. In a despearate attempt, Rowan handed the bundle back to his father. Ed cradle the little girl close, her head resting on his shoulder. After a few minutes of him rubbing her back, she quieted down, starting to drift off into a light slumber. “Seems you have the special touch dad...” Rowan was leaning on the back of the chair again. “Maybe she doesn’t want to cut the visit short Rowan..” Ed smiled warmly, still rubbing his granddaughter’s back with his left hand.

Rowan thought for a moment “Well I guess I could always call Susan and let her know that we’ll be a few minutes late.” Ed nodded, grinning at the fact he had gotten has way, well for the moment.


And yes, there is more, just not written yet ^^
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