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Someone please help me get rid of the bunnies

;_; Someone help me get rid of the bunnies.....

The pair of golden eyes stared up at Ed, the small, round face surrounded by a fuzzy pink blanket. He watched as the tiny hand reached upwards, playing with the ends of his now graying bangs. He really couldn't believe what he was seeing behind his oval-rimmed glasses.

Rowan, now 22, had long since moved out of his fathers house, building one of his own not more than 5 miles down the road. He had married a young girl by the name of Susan, who was now 19, less than a year ago. She was a dark haired, blue eyed beauty that had pale china skin. She and Rowan had met one summer when he was 16, and the pair became inseparable.

Rowan looked down at his father, leaning on the back of the chocolate brown, overstuffed chair, smiling a very happy, but tired grin. “Isn’t she the cutest little thing?” Ed nodded, still in shock. This was one of those rare moments when Rowan actually surprised his father. “We are still trying to figure out where she got the brown hair from…” Ed actually knew the answer to that, but he really was reluctant to say. Instead, he decided to change the topic “Have either of you decided on a name?”


And I think I may continue this one later ^^ (that is if anyone wants me too).
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