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My very first ficklet

Ok, my first time at writing a FMA ficklet, hopefully I don’t do too bad of a job ^^

It was old, dusty, and covered in dents. The 10 year old blond haired boy had been crawling around in the storm cellar of the house after ducking out of sight of his father. He could hear his dad yelling for him to come out of hiding because they had to leave soon.

He turned the thing over in his small hands, trying to get a better look, but the cellar was rather dark, and all he could make out was that it was made of metal, and it was rather large. He ran a finger over the front, feeling the cracks in the metal. “I wonder if dad knows about this thing being down here.”

The voice of Edward Elric was yelling down into the cellar “Rowan Elric, if you are hiding down there, you have until the count of 3 to get up here... 1...2...” Rowan’s voice floated up the cellar steps “I’m coming!” He still held the large, metal object, taking both hands to carry it.

Ed’s eyes went a little wide as he saw his son carrying a relic of the past “W-where did you find that?” Rowan looked back down into the cellar “Down there... there’s this HUGE metal suit down there, it’s in a crate...” Ed took the relic from his sons hands, cradling it in his hands, it had really seen better days. The metal was all dented, and there were some cracks along the mouth. Even the one long, white pompadour, was now dirty and frayed, looking as if rats had been taking long strands to use for a nest.

“Dad, what’s wrong? You look a little sad..” the boy looked up at his fathers teary eyes. Ed took the back of his left hand and wiped his eyes “Oh its nothing, just reliving an old memory...”


Hopefully I didn’t do too bad for my first ficklet... The bunnies got to me and made me write ^^


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