hehehefunny (hehehefunny) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanart and Link to Icons

I have 3 FmA icons for everyone today! mildly spoilish images from the last episode, but it doesnt really give anything away

3 FmA icons ^-^

Ok i bring Fanart!! i needed to design a skateboard for art and i choose to do this, they're sketches, really rough sketches, ill scan the finished project when i get it back! ^-^ hope you all like them!! and they are on my *gasp!* new DA account *gasp!*
Edward Spoiler Fan Art!
Alphonse Spoiler Fan art

I also got a pillow from I-Con its very very spoilerish, i dont think its official, theres no markings and stuff on it so yea just wanted to share! ^-^
Roy and Riza have their own side WARNING SPOILERS
Ed and everyone else, SPOILERS FOR THE END of SERIES!

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