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22 February 2004 @ 02:43 am
aff.net category  
For those of us who are of age and like to read/write lemons, adultfanfiction.net has added a category for FMA! http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/main.php?list=900

You may all thank me now.

...or not, that's OK. XD They were pretty quick about putting the category up once I asked about it! Let's fill it up with some fics, y'all!

(Crossposted in fm_alchemist and fma_het)
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
angsty lemon ukewabisuke on February 22nd, 2004 01:33 am (UTC)
maybe someone will write about what type of new automail Ed wanted, as your icon hints. XD
War Dove: edwinrywardove on February 22nd, 2004 06:11 am (UTC)
I congratulate you on having them get the section up so quick.

How the hell did you do that?

Geez, I went and did what they said too about posting in the msc. section fics of mine in other fandoms (gundam seed and witch hunter robin) not up there yet and it's been over a week and nothing.

So, is e-mailing or something else the better way despite what they tell you to do?
Brightdreamer (Mel)brightdreamer on February 22nd, 2004 11:54 am (UTC)
Apparently so! I emailed them about getting a s-CRY-ed category too, and they had it up the next day. So yeah, I think emailing is the better way.
avianthropy on February 22nd, 2004 11:15 am (UTC)
w00t! XD
But of course, now we must hope and pray that the Mary Sues won't find their way into that section...