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Ever wondered who the 8th sin is?


(And there is also a 9th, but I'm not sharing that lil bit of info just yet XD)

All of a sudden, the entire area around them lit up, blinding them both. A familiar voice popped back in, sounding quite loud, and rather happy "Guess what kiddies, you get a reprieve... Mind you it's not free, but nothing ever is. The Gate is going to collect later from the both of you..." His voice got even happier, almost in a creepy sort of way "But don't worry... It won't kill you..." Ed tried to open his eyes, but was blinded once again. He felt a very strong hand grip him around the throat "You get a very special parting gift.. Think of it as a new way of seeing things... Oops.. I think I'm giving away too much information." The voice got very close, the icy cold dripping off of his words as he whispered "I guess you'll have to find out later.. And don't think you haven't seen the last of me because I'm coming along for the ride..." He laughed loudly as he flung Ed and the boy out of Limbo.

Ed felt the same pull as before in the pit of his stomach, his soul being slammed down into his body once again. This time however, the return was a BIT different. Landing on top of Ed was the fair skinned, milky-white haired boy who was completely naked, it was as if he hand dropped out of nowhere. In the other bed, a very tall, almost 6 foot man landed lightly on the bed. He was dressed in blood red, skin tight leather tank top ((think of greed)) and a pair of blood red leather shorts. He had long, silkily black hair that was about chest length that hung around his face. His skin was rather pale, and he had a very strong, athletic build. His eyes were actually a very deep midnight-blue, almost bordering on black. On the front of his left shoulder, right at the joint, was an ouroboros tattoo. "Boy, that was one wild ride..."

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